Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Search and Rescue Team

Applicant: Thomas Lawrence Moses, Merrill Stuart Ross
Patent No.: 10/668,997

A search and rescue drone system includes a buoyant body member, a frame attached to the buoyant body member for carrying a motor and propeller, and an electronic array including a camera, GPS, an EPIRB radio distress beacon, and a transmitter/receiver for remote control flying the drone and communicating with an operator. The search and rescue drone may be flown manually, or may have some autonomous flight and locator capabilities. For example, in one embodiment, the search and rescue drone may be programmed to simply fly to the location of an electronic wearable device, like a bracelet, that is worn by a man overboard. In another embodiment, the search and rescue drone includes a basket, harness, or other means for actually recovering a swimmer in distress, and flying that person back to safety on a ship or on shore.