Remotely Controlled Floating Cooler Assembly and Method

Applicant: Thomas Lawrence Moses, Merrill Stuart Ross
Application No.: 16/373,224

A remotely controlled, self-propelled floating cooler includes a main body member that generally has an ovoid shape, as shown, for streamlined movement through the water. The main body member is generally hollow, which allows for ice, drinks, food, and the like to be placed inside of the main body member through an opening or hatch on top. A lid may be removably secured to the opening on top, and preferably includes securing means for maintaining the lid in a closed position, even in rough water. Remotely controlled propulsion means are attached to an underside of the cooler on one end thereof. Other features include an audio receiver with speakers, port and starboard running lights, GPS navigation, submerged spotlights, and video cameras mounted above and below the waterline, all of which may be operated via a remote control device.