Portable Wind Screen Assembly and Method

Applicant: Kazian Shull
Application No.: 17/301,008

A portable wind screen assembly includes a pair of hollow support tubes and a flexible wind barrier that is attached to both support tubes at either end thereof. The first support tube includes a spring-loaded retracting mechanism positioned therein, and the flexible wind barrier is attached to the retracting mechanism so that it may be wound around the retracting mechanism and stored within the first support tube when not in use. The second support tube may be insulated to serve as a drink cooler and/or storage space for canned or bottled drinks may be stacked vertically within the second tube, and includes an access door on a bottom portion thereof for extracting drinks therefrom. The portable wind screen assembly may also include pivoting supports for stability, a rechargeable battery for recharging mobile electronic devices, a wireless speaker, and means for attachment to a beach chair or other additional windscreen assemblies.