Drink Insulator Stabilizer System and Method

Applicant: William Hazel, Jr.
Patent No.: 9,687,097

A drink insulator stabilizer system is provided. In one embodiment, the stabilizer system includes a clip that attaches to the bottom portion of a drink insulator, and includes a pair of pivoting spikes on an underside of the clip. The spikes may be pivoted from a horizontal position within longitudinal indentations on an underside of the clip to a vertical position pointed downwardly from the clip, so that the spikes may be inserted into the ground to stabilize an insulated drink. In another embodiment, the pivoting spikes are positioned under the bottom portion of a drink insulator. In use, a user may rotate the spikes to a vertical position for use while the insulated drink is on the ground, and the spikes may rotate to a horizontal position and may snap fit into the longitudinal indentations for transport and storage purposes, when stabilization is not required.