Combined Door Hinge with Variable Hydraulic Damping and Stopper Device Performance

Applicant: Victory Sales & Distribution, LLC.
Patent No.: 10,663,905

An apparatus combining a door hinge and a door closer is provided. In one embodiment, the hinge provides a variable hydraulic damping speed control with spring action closing, as well as an optional stop action. In one embodiment, the hinge of the present invention includes an adjustable compression spring to operate the opening and closing of the door. After the door has closed to approximately 20 degrees or so, the hydraulic component of the door may then control the speed of the door preferably from approximately 20 degrees until closed. The hydraulic component can also be adjusted to vary the speed and force of the door opening and closing. A pair of magnets may be present in the control cylinder of the hinge to provide more force to complete the closing function. Additionally, a stop function allows for the door to remain open and in place in one embodiment.